niam: cuter than you
Blayne 19, aka five foot something with the skinny jeans. I never asked for this dammit

I’m not a big eye make-up girl unless there’s a professional doing it - otherwise I look like I have two black eyes!


my anaconda don’t want none unless u got a leak of 1d’s new album hun


talking about the camp scene in this is us +


i love pictures of luke where you can see his complexion not being great bc it reminds me that he’s a human bean and that nobody is perfect and i want him to come and be human/imperfect with me because his complexion is sooo cuttee

so my old apartment, that I was in the process of moving out of, got broken into&my shit was thrown everywhere&my tv/dvds&whatnot were stolen and necklaces&my old phone, with EVERYTHING on it&my headphones were stolen
I just really fucking hate my life

madisonsquaregarden: @5sos is loving Snuffles & Mr. America this morning on @goodmorningamerica!


Quite possible the greatest tweet ever written. 


Harry is so fucking funny


WAS ACCIOPAYNO//// working a lot, will be on often! i track emojilucas! kik me: gabbsdeblayne! i love you&you're absolutely amazing!


Watching: Bob's Burgers S3&Teen Wolf S4/// Waiting for:: 9/19- One Direction&5SOS///11/11- The 1975!/// Listening to: 5SOS album